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Wahei Freiz


Bin 8

Bin 8

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Bin 8 contains 8 essential kitchen tools in one!

From the top of the bottle going down, the Bin 8 consists of: 

  • A funnel with attachment, for pouring sauces and liquids into containers. The attachment makes it possible to fill even narrow neck bottles, and also forms the cap of the 'bottle' when stacked together. 
  • A lemon juicer
  • A spice grater, for grating fresh ginger for example
  • An egg masher, for making egg salad in a jiffy
  • A cheese grater, to add a sprinkle of fresh Parmesan on your pasta
  • A lid grip/opener, for those stubborn jar lids
  • An egg yolk separator 
  • And a measuring cup that measures up to 420ml

All the parts stack together to look like a wine bottle. You can leave it out on your countertop where it will look great! 

Handwashing is recommended. The manufacturer recommends giving it a rinse before using it for the first time. 



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