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Nokorimono Bento

Nokorimono Bento
  • Nokorimono Bento
  • Nokorimono Bento
  • Nokorimono Bento
  • Nokorimono Bento
  • Nokorimono Bento
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Product details


Nokorimono means 'leftovers' in Japanese. 

Product Description

The writing on the lid of the Nokorimono bento box, rendered in gold, says nokorimono desuga...(残り物ですが…), 'I'm afraid it's just leftovers...'.
Let's face it, we all use leftovers for our bentos, to save time and money. But in this box, we can have a little chuckle while we enjoy our bento lunch, even if it is made up of leftovers :). With the increased capacity you can bring even more of yesterdays meals! 

Product Details

  • The box is made of ABS, and the inner lid is made of EVA plastic. 
  • This box microwave-safe, and dishwasher-safe. 
  • Made in Japan, in Ishikawa by Hakoya.
  • Size L
  • The bento box itself is a practical two-tier model. The total capacity is 1000ml (upper compartment 500ml, lower compartment 500ml), big enough for a hungry 'salaryman' (Japanese for a male office worker). 
  • The upper compartment has a semi-transparent, very leak-resistant inner lid and a removable inner divider. This box is black inside and out, with a gold, silver, brown and red illustration printed on top. 
  • Dimensions: 182× 97 × 95 mm ( 7.16" x 3.81" x 3.74").
  • A black elastic bento band is included. 

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