EPAs & Taxes (explanations)

About Taxes

All prices on Bento&co Pro are VAT excluded. VAT and import duties will be billed by the carrier once they receive information about your shipment. Rates vary depending on the country: make sure to check with your local tax agency for accurate information. 

We are unable to provide you with an estimate of taxes and import duties for your orders; please check with your local tax office or customs officials to get more information or advice.

If this is your first time ordering from Japan, please make sure you comply with your local rules for international import (eg. EU businesses will first need to apply for an EORI number). 

If your business is registered in the EU, the UK or Australia, you may be eligible for a VAT exemption. (See “About EPAs” section below)

About EPAs

EPA, or Economic Partnership Agreements are trade agreements signed between two parties that are designed to boost trade in goods and services between them. Under certain conditions, importers can be granted exemptions for import duties:

  • The imported goods must be mainly or fully manufactured in either of the two countries.
  • The importer must apply for it by gathering the necessary documents and submitting them to the responsible agency. 

Currently, Japan holds EPAs with the EU, the UK and Australia.


What does it mean for me?

If you live in the EU, the UK or Australia, and purchase goods made in Japan from us, you can apply for tax exemption under EPA agreements and be exempt from import duties for these products. We specify the country of origin on all our product pages, so please check before you order. 

For EU and UK businesses, we provide EPA compliant invoices: please use these when filing for tax exemption. This should be done ahead of time, as soon as your parcel has been dispatched. 

For Australian businesses, we provide an EPA compliant invoice as well as an origin certification document. We recommend you send these to the carrier ahead of time to allow for a smooth custom clearance process and delivery.