How to place an order ?

  • Browse the catalogue (or use the search tab) until you find your desired products. Select the size/color in the pulldown menu, enter the quantity (in accordance with minimum/multiples). Click "add to cart".

Note that you can directly enter a SKU number in the search tab. If you can not find your products that means that the SKU number is not correct, or the item is not available anymore. 

  • Once your order is ready, go to your cart, check all the quantities, and click "checkout".
  • Enter your email, billing and shipping address and click "continue". 
  • Select your shipping method, the payment method and validate. 
  • If you choose to pay online, you'll be directed to Paypal platform. 
  • Once the order is confirmed, you'll receive an automatic order confirmation email.
  • You'll be informed within 24 to 72 hours is all your items are available. 
  • If an item is not available and you've already paid online, we'll contact you for switching or refunding. 
  • For a first order paid via bank transfer, parcel is sent as soon as payment is received.
  • Shipment delivered within 4-5 business days by FedEx.
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