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Wappa Monotone Bento 520ml | BLACK

Wappa Monotone Bento 520ml | BLACK
  • Wappa Monotone Bento 520ml | BLACK
  • Wappa Monotone Bento 520ml | BLACK
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Product Description

Looking for a elegant bento with a clean design caring that minimalistic Japanese touch? These Wappa Bento bring a traditional feel with colors inspired by traditional wooden boxes.

Inside the box you'll find two layers, each compartment allowing for 220 and 300ml of good foods.
The upper layer is separated by a tight fitting seal to ensure freshness. The entire thing is kept together with a matching elastic band. 

See the Wappa Monotone Collection.


Product Details

    • Capacity: 520ml
    • Dimensions: 13,3cm x 8,7cm x 7,8cm 
    • Materials: BPA Free plastics 
    • Microwave & Dishwashing safe 
    • Made by Hakoya, in Japan

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