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Totoro Mino Yaki Plate

Totoro Mino Yaki Plate
  • Totoro Mino Yaki Plate
  • Totoro Mino Yaki Plate
  • Totoro Mino Yaki Plate
  • Totoro Mino Yaki Plate
  • Totoro Mino Yaki Plate
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Those who like Totoro and Ghibli will be delighted to discover this plate, part of our complete and authentic tea set from Japan inspired from the cutest neighbor ever!


All the four parts of the Totoro Tea Set are adorned with Chû-Totoro, which is adorably frolicking under delicate pink sakura (cherry blossoms) flowers. All details a finely embossed in the minoyaki terra cotta. Take a closer look at these items, and you can even spot a makkuro kurosuke, the famous wandering spot/pitch-black assistant from Miyazakis folklore.

The full set includes a teapot (normal size, with an anti-pressure lid), a tea cup and its saucer, and this larger plate for tea time side dishes (like cookies, cake, okashi..) All the items are made in Japan by Nibaraki (as the seals clearly attest) and can be bought separately, though we do recommend to get the most of the set. An official Ghilbli products, of course! ( ^ ω ^ )/


Dimensions: 14 cm (5.5").

All the elements of Totoro Tea Set are dish-washer safe but not micro-wave safe.
Made in Japan, at Mino

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