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Hinoki Sushi Mold

Hinoki Sushi Mold

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The Sushi Mold is a beautifully crafted kit to help you make sushi with ease.

The kit consists of a solid wood rectangular mold with regularly spaced grooves that rests on a removable bottom board, and a top lid or pushing element to form the rice. 

To use, place the mold on top of the bottom board.

Line the mold with plastic wrap, fill with flavored sushi rice and top with thin slices of raw fish, smoked salmon, thinly sliced vegetables, or whatever you prefer. Wrap the plastic over the top of the rice and toppings, and push down gently with the top lid. Slice the sushi where the grooves are, right through the plastid wrap. 

Not dishwasher nor microwave safe.
Do not put place into direct sunlight (the wood might split). 

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