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Sakura Ko Slim

Sakura Ko Slim
  • Sakura Ko Slim
  • Sakura Ko Slim
  • Sakura Ko Slim
  • Sakura Ko Slim
  • Sakura Ko Slim
  • Sakura Ko Slim
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Product description

With its very elegant design,  Sakura Ko Slim is a two-tier bento box, each one with its own tight fitting lid.
The beautiful Sakura decoration gives to this box a traditional Japanese touch.
Giving its compact size, Sakura Ko Slim is very easy to carry around with you all day long.

Sakura Ko Slim is available in Red and White colors.


Capacity: 560ml (2x 280ml) 
Dimensions: 170 × 63 × 79mm (6.3" x 2.48" x 3.11") 

The bento box and outer lid are made of PET and ABS (safe temperature range: -20°C to 140°C (-4°F to 284°F)) and are dishwasher safe. The inner lids are made of polyethylene (safe temperature range: -20°C to 60°C (-4°F to 140°F)) and should be handwashed.

The box is microwave safe with the inner and outer lids removed. (Use only for heating up food, say for 2 minutes at 700 watts, not for long-duration cooking!) 

Do not place in the oven or near an open flame.

Made in Japan, by Hakoya.

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