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Maison de Lunch Blue

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Maison de Lunch Blue
  • Maison de Lunch Blue
  • Maison de Lunch Blue
  • Maison de Lunch Blue
  • Maison de Lunch Blue
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Product details


Cute and smart way to package your rice balls and bento altogether in one little house without crushing anything!

See our full Gell Cool collection for more kawaii products that use unique Japanese technology!

Product Description

Bento&Co would like to introduce to you another new Gel Cool series: Maison de Lunch. Maison de Lunch, meaning Lunch House in French, gives you the ability to store two onigiri rice balls safely in an upper compartment with its perfectly shaped -house-shaped lid. In the lower compartment you can store any side dish of your choosing to eat with your onigiri rice ball. There is also a colorful band that allows you to keep all your foods tightly secure!

Maison de Lunch also comes in a variety of wonderful colors. Be sure to check them all!

Details & Care

  • Dimensions: 11cm width × 11cm diameter × 13cm height
  • Capacity: 2 onigiri rice balls + ~350ml (lower compartment)
  • Materials
    • BPA-FREE plastic box, house-shaped lid, inner lid
    • Band: ryaon, polyester, rubber
  • Microwave and Dishwasher safe (box only - please remove lids)

Made in Japan (100% BPA-Free), Hokkaido, by Gel Cool.

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