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Nuri Ajiro Chopsticks Set | White

Nuri Ajiro Chopsticks Set | White

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The manufacturer discontinued this product: it will only remain available until stocks last.


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Nuri Ajiro collection includes a line of products designed and traditionally produced in Kagawa, Japan. This place gathers some of our favorite bento manufacturer in Japan: They have mastered the art of Japanese lacquered ware and are now heading to the future, making great use of modern materials and design. You will love their minimal yet stylish braided bamboo patterns.

Nuri Ajiro Chopsticks are made of natural wood and come with their beautiful coated case. The chopsticks themselves looks simple but don't get tricked: they are sturdy and light, making them perfect to enjoy your favorite Japanese dishes like sushi and more!


Dimensions: 18 cm or 7.2"
Weight: 25 g
Materials: ABS Plastics (case), Natural wood (Chopsticks)

Do not use in micro-wave nor dish-washer.

Made in Japan.

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