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Kawaii Slippers

Kawaii Slippers
  • Kawaii Slippers
  • Kawaii Slippers
  • Kawaii Slippers
  • Kawaii Slippers
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Product details

Kawaii Slippers are funny and cute Japanese products for the house, with two distinct purposes: Very comfy slippers that can also help to clean a dusty floor ... just by walking!


Kawaii Slippers in 4 points :

-Comfortable, those slippers are so thick that you feel like moon boots. They are exceptionally soft and hold their shape well.

-You have a dusty-type floor ? The microfibers are here for you ! Now and then, you can hand wash before having vacuum-cleaned them a bit. 

-Yes, I can fly ! : you'll feel like you're sliding not walking !

-Unique size : unfortunately, there is not kids size, but the unique size is perfect for almost everybody :

Unique size : 26 cm (10,5") . As far as I'm concerned, I take a 43/44 european size (10/10,5 US size) and it's ok.


Available in 3 different designs.

Material: Polyester.
MOQ: 4 pieces.

We recommend Hand-washing for these products.

* Kawaii means cute in Japanese.

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