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Jijis Delica Pot | OR & YW

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Stainless steel
lunch jar
  • Jijis Delica Pot | OR & YW
  • Jijis Delica Pot | OR & YW
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Product details

Hot or cold, the Delica Pot lunch jar are perfect for soups, desserts and anything that you want to keep the right temperature for a long time. The sweet orange and cute design are from Kiki and Jijis Ghibli world in the movie - Kikis Delivery Service.

Product Description

Perfectly sealed, they keep the hot or cool for 5 hours on average. Enjoy your lunch, no matter when and where you are.

Its the perfect size to complete your main bento dish with sides like salad or soup. Each parts can be taken apart for easy cleaning.

Product Details

Kikis Delica Pot has a volume of 300ml or 10 Oz.
Dimensions: 134 mm (height), 85 mm (diameter)

The compartment is made ​​of stainless steel (and ABS plastics), Thermos-type. It therefore does not microwave. All elements are preferably washed by hand.

Ghibli Licence (Made in China), 100%BPA-Free.

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