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Furoshiki Origami

Furoshiki Origami
  • Furoshiki Origami
  • Furoshiki Origami
  • Furoshiki Origami
  • Furoshiki Origami
  • Furoshiki Origami
  • Furoshiki Origami
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Product details

Furoshiki Origami combines two great Japanese traditions: the art of origami, or paper folding, and furoshiki, the beautifully decorated, eco-friendly cloths used to wrap and transport all kinds of things, including bento boxes of course! Each fully reversible Furoshiki Origami cloth can be folded to form one of two well-known characters from Japanese folklore. 

You have a choice of 7 designs, as follows: 

  • Fukusuke (red background) - 10-20469-106
  • Manekineko (red background) - 09-20469-105
  • Osumo-san (green background) - 10-20469-109
  • Shichi fukujin (yellow background) - 10-20469-108
  • Shishimai (green background) - 09-20469-102
Please choose your favorite design from the pulldown menu when ordering. 


The Furoshiki Origami measures 50 cm (about 20") square. It's a great size for wrapping any of our bento boxes, including our long-format bento boxes such as Kimono Long, or our round bento boxes like the Owan Bento. 

Watch the video below to see how to fold a Furoshiki Origami

There are many instructional videos and web pages online where you can see how to utilize a furoshiki. Check out this great site by the Japanese Ministry of the Environment to start. And to get full use out of your furoshiki, check out this instructional DVD.

Composition and Care 

The fabric is 50% cotton and 50% polyester. Machine washable in cold water. 

Made in Japan. 

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