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Eco Morning Pan

Eco Morning Pan
  • Eco Morning Pan
  • Eco Morning Pan
  • Eco Morning Pan
  • Eco Morning Pan
  • Eco Morning Pan
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Product details

Eco Morning Pan is quite an appropriate name for this great pan allowing you to cook many different foods at once (such as eggs, vegetables and meats) use if for anything you want or need!  Even better, suitable for almost every kind of hobs, including induction hobs.

Product Description

The pan is divided into 3 compartments, and allows you to cook 3 different foods. Perfect for busy mornings and small kitchen. 
Use it for a complete healthy breakfast or to cook a yummy bento without mixing ingredients.
Meat, vegetables or an omelet, just use one pan for an entire lunch !
Use the wooden lid included to keep your food warm :-)

Product Details

  • Dimensions including the lid: 395 (width) x196 (depth) x80 mm (height)
  • Materials: Aluminium and stainless steel (pan), phenolic resin (handle), natural wood (top lid).
  • Suitable for all kinds of hobs : gas, electric, vitro-ceramic and induction hobs
  • Hand-washing is recommended. 
  • Made in Japan.

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