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Irodori | Yellow

Irodori | Yellow
  • Irodori | Yellow
  • Irodori | Yellow
  • Irodori | Yellow
  • Irodori | Yellow
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Irodori Bento is a modern review of the renowned Shokado, a kind of bento box widely used in Japanese restaurant and at home for classy meal times. It was able to retain the perks of the past (chic, versatile and a great volume) and combine it with some fresh improvements and materials to make it easier to transport and use. Very well done!

Irodori has 4 containers in it, 2 smalls and 2 larger, that can be used to pack a super large lunch and organize your meal as you want. Tighten it up with a lunch band and you have the perfect solution for your XL outdoor bento. Of course, no need to say that it's snow-white and sleek lines design goes well with any look and has a natural classy touch.  

White colored box with light blue lignes. Includes 4 containers and an outer box.

Details & Precaution

Dimensions: 26 x 18 x 6 cm (10.2"x 7.1" x 2.4")
Volume: 1460ml with
  • Small containers : 230 ml * 2
  • Big containers : 500 ml * 2  
Weight: 650 g
Materials: ABS Plastic and polypropylene (Containers) 

The internal containers are dishwasher and micro-wave safe (this is not the case for the outer box).

Designed and made in Japan. 100% BPA-Free.

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