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Wafu Cloth Cafe Tray | Sakura Blossom

Wafu Cloth Cafe Tray | Sakura Blossom
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The Wafu Cloth Collection is a series of bentos and tableware showcasing five classic Japanese textile patterns.

Product Description

The Sakura Blossom Wafu Cloth Cafe Tray is a full sized serving tray featuring a traditional sakura (cherry blossom) pattern. This pattern is composed of pale yellow flower blossoms scattered over a salmon colored background.

Variations of this motif are used year around on clothing articles in Japan, but they are particular prevalent during the spring seasons when the majority of cherry blossom trees bloom. Because of this timing, cherry blossoms are also associated with new beginnings as they coincide with the start of the year for Japanese schools and businesses.

Pair this tray with our Sakura Blossom Wafu Cloth Drink Coasters.

Product Details

Dimensions: 259 x 183 x 15 mm
Materials: UP plastic

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