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Lunch Cloth vegetable

Lunch Cloth vegetable
  • Lunch Cloth vegetable
  • Lunch Cloth vegetable
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Product details

Keep your bento boxes together in a convenient furoshiki lunch cloth!

A brand new collaboration with Gel Cool and Swedish brand ""amsell berlin"" with four summer nature themes: butterfly, vegetable, flower, and water. Check out the Gel Cool GAVA collection for more!

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Product Description


This furoshiki lunch cloth is just the perfect thing to wrap your bento boxes in to prevent it from falling apart.


The artistic, calming design is made in collaboration with popular Swedish brand "amsell berlin."

Details & Care

  • Dimensions : 5.1 cm length × 5.1 cm width × 5.5 cm
  • Material : 100% cotton
  • Great Swedish design that will keep your meals happy o(*≧□≦)o!
  • Made in Japan

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